Everything you need for a smooth year!

Let me save you time with these SEVEN free resources to get your upper-elementary science classroom organized and running smoothly.

See what's included below.

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    Guide for Effective Science Centers


    ⭐ Teacher's Guide to Effective Science Centers

    • I'm sharing my best tips for setting up and maintaining your science centers. You can have the most wonderful centers but if your systems are not set up in a way that they get used routinely, they won't get used very often.
    • Here's an overview of what we'll talk about:
      • Prep work
      • Setting up your space
      • Training students
      • Organization
      • Being Intentional

    Tools to Keep You & Students Organized


    ⭐ Lab Supply Labels:

    • Fully editable labels for all of your science lab supplies. You'll never have to dig around in an unorganized supply closet again. Whew!

    ⭐ Supply Donation Letter:

    • You need tons of materials that often aren't provided by the campus (foil, craft sticks, different sized balls). Use this editable letter to ask for donations from parents.

    ⭐ Science Notebook Covers & Dividers:

    • Set students up for success with topic dividers. They will be able to find information quickly. Includes dividers with and without TEKS.

    Free Resources for Back-to-School


    ⭐ Science Safety Unit and Quiz

    • Students will read a nonfiction text and answer comprehension questions
    • Includes a concept sort and an short assessment as well

    ⭐ Student Safety Contract

    • Classroom safety is everyone's responsibility. This one page contract outlines safe behaviors required for upper elementary science classrooms.

    ⭐ Student Lab Report Template

    • Use this worksheet template all year long with your students. It is designed to help students develop an understanding of the scientific process.